Claimbuster #3-

Any woman searching for exercise pants might stumble upon this pair of pants at

Oh, look! The lowest price is $12.48. That’s reasonable.


Now pick your size. And your color. But, wait! No matter which size or color you pick, the price doesn’t get any lower than $21.24! Can you get this pair of exercise pants for $12.48 at No!

Screenshots of every size and color combination are ordered in a slideshow below.

The $12.48 price listed on the original page is misleading. No matter what color, what size, or any combination of the two, you cannot get these pants for less than $21.24. Target needs to correct this mistake, so they won’t be pinned for inaccurate advertising, which, of course, I already did. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Claimbuster #3-

  1. Barbara Bowden says:

    This type of false advertising is still happening. On 8/5/14, Target advertised on a sponsored Google ad 4 Brita filters for $6.99 plus shipping and tax. However, after clicking several links to get to their website, there was no such price available. This is clearly deceptive advertising and they just keep getting away with it.


    • Thanks for the information, Barbara. Do you have screenshots of the ad that we can use in an upcoming “Claimbuster” article? Any proof of the deceptive advertising would be much appreciated.


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