Staples’ Long Lost Logo

108_3995Staples is undergoing a brand re-launch and multiple stores around the country have lost the “L” in store signage. Staples’ social media and profile accounts also reflect the change, either displaying the temporary logo or the text “What the L?” Even the Staples website has reflected the one week logo change. Staples fans can join the re-launch on social media by posting with the hashtag #WhattheL.

The brand re-launch is completely inappropriate for children, especially considering that parents take their kids to Staples. “What the L is going on?” is posted around Staples’ stores and in advertisements on television, billboards, and in newspapers. (See right.) Children tend to pick up the language that they hear & repeat it. Do we want them repeating mock swear words? Now parents have to avoid Staples, a seemingly harmless stationary store.

(Sources: Business Wire, Charlotte Observer)


One thought on “Staples’ Long Lost Logo

  1. Gale Baldwin says:

    Thanks Jared…I just got the email from Staples and didn’t understand it as I do now. I deleted it. So disappointed that they are doing this.


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