You Need to “Beintoo” the Fine Print of these Coupons

The popular smartphone game, FruitNinja, has partnered up with Beintoo Rewards. For every 1000 points (or 5000, depending on the game mode) a reward is given. The reward shown below is for five dollars off a purchase.


Great! I’m getting $5 off a purchase! Oh, wait……..

Beintoo 2

Christmas is rapidly approaching and the offer excludes toys, electronics, movies, music, & books?! That’s what most consumers buy for the holidays!

When you follow the ‘Continue to’ button, it takes you to, as expected. We placed two items, totaling $35, in the cart. The reward was not applied. So we contacted Beintoo, and they stated that the reward was $5 off a $50 purchase. However, there is no disclaimer stating this on the Beintoo reward page.


One thought on “You Need to “Beintoo” the Fine Print of these Coupons

  1. I’m very disappointed in Target & Beintoo (a company I’ve never heard of). The entire promotion is misleading and useless. The exclusions are the few items that you would probably buy as gifts! The so-called reward is so-called because unless your total reaches $50, it is never applied. Definitely not something I would involve myself in and I suggest that you shouldn’t either. Save your money for something real, true, & good.


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