Claimbuster #2- Mobil

Being aware that Here Comes the Shrink has posted about inaccurate advertising before, a reader in St. Louis, MO sent us these photos of a Mobil Gas Station in St. Peter’s, Missouri.


A close-up of the prices:


Note that these pictures were taken at night. To anyone driving on empty, $2.75 appears to be the regular price, and $2.95 appears to be Diesel. $2.75 is not an outrageous price for gasoline because Missouri has the lowest gas prices in the nation. However, a closer inspection reveals that the regular price for gas is really $2.95, while Diesel is not listed. Only car wash customers receive the $2.75 price.


One thought on “Claimbuster #2- Mobil

  1. I’m once again disappointed in the ways companies try to rip you off. With gas prices up and down so often, why would you have to stoop so low with fine print and add a car wash (especially at night!)


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