Update: BJ’s Cooking Spray

In response to my inquiry about the leaking BJ’s Cooking Spray, BJ’s Manager of Product Development and Quality Assurance, Scott Williams, sent the following message:

“I am in receipt of your email about our cooking spray and I wanted to see if I can help answer your request. 

This is the email I received:

Hello. I am with the blog Here Comes the Shrink (herecomestheshrink.com.) Do you have any comment on why your cooking spray leaks after about two weeks, making the consumer’s hands slimy and sticky, possibly causing the aerosol can to drop? Thank you. 

First I want to say that I’m sorry you’re experiencing leaking with the product. I researched our records and we are not seeing/hearing this from members, in addition we test all of our Berkley & Jensen products multiple times a year directly out of our clubs and have not seen any issues there either. It may be that you unfortunately received an underperforming product with a defect. 

If you can provide me some more information I can look into it further and see if we can determine what happened.” 

I have sent Scott Williams the Lot Numbers of the BJ’s Cooking Spray that I have and will let you know what BJ’s determination is when I receive it. 


2 thoughts on “Update: BJ’s Cooking Spray

  1. Not only does it happen in NC, but it also happens in NY. I have had the same situation, because I use it quite often making breakfast. You haven’t heard many comments because most people don’t bother complaining to the company.


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