Land of the Not-So-Free

Here’s a recent post by Oreo on their Facebook page:

Oreo Shake (2)

Harmless enough, right? Wrong. The overflowing milkshake in the picture is not free, despite the claim by Oreo & Outback. Follow the link and this page appears:

Oreo Shake

A close-up of the fine print:

Oreo Closeup

Although the text does say, “NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO ENTER”, that doesn’t mean that a purchase isn’t necessary to receive the free milkshake. Without batting an eye, anyone who wants a free milkshake continues, oblivious to the fact that the milkshake is, indeed, not-so-free.

outback coupon

The fine print is radically different in the actual coupon. All of a sudden, something else must be purchased to receive the free shake! Any unsuspecting, coupon-bearing, visitor to Outback will get a shock when they find out what the coupon actually says. Oreo & Outback Steakhouse have, together, fooled millions of Americans who printed the coupon. Until the coupon was printed, the shake seemed 100%, completely free.

Companies are not required to disclose everything in a large print. This is why many companies disclose the important information in the smallest readable type. Fine print is important because it contains the vital information in almost everything: whether in a coupon, a contract, or on a can of peaches.

The bottom line: if it seems to good to be true, it probably is.


3 thoughts on “Land of the Not-So-Free

  1. A complete rip-off! Embarrassing people to a position where they’ll buy something else. Because the milkshake would more than likely be for a kid. How can you go to a place like that and get a milkshake, but not give it to them?


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