Downsized Miniature Golf

Inline One Family Fun Center, located in Mt. Sinai, New York, recently downsized their miniature golf course. Although you may think that only products can be downsized, just about anything can be minimized to save companies a little bit of money.

Obviously, a traditional miniature golf course is 18 holes. In some areas of the country, courses even have 27 holes. But this one doesn’t anymore. This particular mini golf course used to be 18 holes, displaying the landmarks of Long Island, New York. To any unsuspecting potential visitor, the course appears to be a large 18 holes on the course website.

Here’s a photo of the 18-hole course:

Old Mini Golf

This appears to be a huge indoor mini golf course, great for rainy days. Or is it? Upon closer inspection of the website, it appears that the course has been shrunk to 9 holes and placed outside, not so good for rainy days.

The website states “Please note that our course is a 9-hole outdoor course!“, followed by, “Please take note that our course is now located outdoors and is 9-holes,” in a smaller font, and, “*Our Mini Golf course is now located outside*” in an even smaller size. It takes some digging, but also located on the website is a picture of the new outdoors course:

Old Mini Golf

It is easy to see that the course is smaller than the original, although most of the landmarks have been transferred. On the website, it appears that customers of Inline One can choose to go around the course once (9-holes) or twice (18-holes.)

For fun on a rainy day, don’t let websites mislead you. Inspect them carefully and maybe you won’t end up at an unusually downsized place like Inline One.


2 thoughts on “Downsized Miniature Golf

  1. I went to the course, and when I saw it was nine holes and outside, my family & I left. I wasn’t going to pay twice to play an 18-hole course. In fact, I wouldn’t pay to play a 9-hole course. I liked when it was indoors because it was clean and in great condition.


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