Welcome to Here Comes the Shrink!

We’re your home for the latest business & consumer news. From breaking news about mergers & bankruptcies, to false claims & downsizing, we cover it all.

In 2012, the founder of Here Comes the Shrink, Jared Goodman, found several shrinking products. In the weeks that followed, he began noticing more and more tricky stuff, from some slippery fine print on a restaurant coupon to downsized mini golf courses! From that moment on, he knew that he had to inform people about the unscrupulous things that companies were doing right under their customers noses. It was then that Here Comes the Shrink was born.

On July 25, 2013, we went live with a story on sales tax. Since then, we’ve reported on almost 200 compelling consumer stories. We’ve survived three website redesigns, news droughts, and technical crashes. Our website may change, but we’ll never alter our goal of informing consumers.

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