The Buck Stops Here: Dollar Tree Buys Family Dollar


Yesterday, July 28th, Dollar Tree agreed to buy rival Family Dollar for nearly $8.5 billion. Once the deal closes, Dollar Tree will have over 13,000 stores in the US & Canada, making it the nation’s largest discount retailer. The buyout will also put Dollar Tree ahead of competitor Dollar General in total sales. Family Dollar’s biggest shareholder, activist investor Carl Icahn, stands to make well over $200 million, but the deal doesn’t sit well with him. He said in a statement that there were a handful of other buyers, and he hopes that a new buyer will surface before the deal goes through. He named Dollar General as one of these buyers. The dollar store deal comes just a few weeks after talk of a Family Dollar/Dollar General merger.

Icahn announced in June that he bought an almost 10% stake in Family Dollar. He urged Charlotte based Family Dollar to place themselves up for sale & threatened to replace the board, but the retailer stuck to its original plan of closing stores, lowering prices, & adjusting the products sold. The company planned on moving forward solo, rather than sell out to a competitor like Dollar General, despite sales decreases in recent months. But all that failed when Dollar Tree swooped in and bought them out.

The deal is a big step forward in the fight against Walmart. The big box retailer is directly competing with dollar stores by opening smaller stores with lower prices in areas that have dollar store competitors.

The entire process began back in April, and it might not be over yet. Both Dollar Tree & Dollar General will compete fiercely for the consumers’ dollar over the next few months.

(Sources: WBT, ABC, FOX)

In other news, get a slice of cheesecake for half price, starting tomorrow, at The Cheesecake Factory as they celebrate National Cheesecake Day. The promotion ends on July 31st. More details here.

Doggy Deals: National Hot Dog Day

Image Credit: Game Changing Films

Today is National Hot Dog Day! In honor of this meaty holiday, a few businesses are giving away free or cheap hot dogs. Here’s a short list of where you can pick up some dogs on July 23rd.

  • Sonic is selling American & Chili Cheese Dogs for just $1, today only.
  • Kangaroo Express convenience stores will give a free hot dog to military members who show their ID & to customers who show the Kangaroo Express Mobile App.
  • 7-Eleven’s Quarter Pound Big Bite Hot Dog is going for just a dollar, today only. And don’t forget about 7-Eleven’s mobile app promotion. More details here.
  • Philly Pretzel Factory is giving pretzel dogs away for just $1, today only. More details here.

  • And to beat the heat, Arby’s is offering a free Jamocha Milkshake to customers who present this coupon.

For more information on consumer holidays, click here.

I “Field” I’m Not Getting a Deal


Cubefield is popular computer game that has given way to many generic versions & re-creations on mobile devices. There are nearly 25 Cubefield-like games each on the iTunes app store & the Google Play store. One of these apps, Cube Racer: A Ship Runners Race, is available for download on the Google Play store for Android. It operates similarly to Cubefield. In the game, you gain coins for advancement. The further you get, the more coins you receive. For 250 coins, you can buy a shield, which protects you from the first block you hit. Although this feature isn’t included in the original Cubefield game, it is nice to have protection. As you approach 250 coins, a box pops up prompting you to buy more coins. As you can see in the screenshot above, 500 coins costs $0.99. To the upper right of the price is a kapow bubble proclaiming a discount: 20% off. The deal price? Still 99 cents.

I’m clearly not getting a 20% discount. 20% off of $0.99 is approximately $0.79. Since the discount is obviously not applied, we contacted the developer of Cube Racer, Yannshu. He got back to us on June 23 with a response. Apparently, there is a currency bug on the Cube Racer app. “The deal is only working for people using the euro currency (€). For all others, it seems there is a bug due to the automatic pricing conversion between euros and other currencies,” he said. “We’ll publish an update correcting this bug soon and will let you know when it’s done.” The bug was corrected to show currency in only Euros & then fixed to show all currencies, including US Dollars. We thanked Yannshu for his quick response & correction.

Problem solved. Case closed.